TENGA's Unusual Sex Toys, Part 1

TENGA's challenge has been to take self-pleasure and make it a normal and common part of self-care and wellness. A large focus towards this goal has been to create our sex toys not just for the purpose of self-pleasure, but also to relieve stress, increase the flow of good hormones in the body, and simply provide a tool that may help people gain a clearer and more positive outlook on life. Ironically, that's the unusual aspect of our toys and our company. 

We design and manufacture sex toys that do not look like your typical sex toy. We offer sex toys that are shaped like hourglasses, EGGs, or designed like pieces of art that could be placed on a mantle or bookcase. We even have works of art from famous artists, such as Keith Haring, adorning some of our products. So for those who seek pleasure, but are not necessarily seeking an X-rated version of a toy that resembles a body part, we offer an alternative. 

Over the 18 years that TENGA has created toys for self-pleasure, there have been many designs and models created. Not all of them make it out of the initial phases, but from the several that do, many have received The Red Dot Design Award, receiving industry praise and acceptance beyond the scope of the adult toy industry. Let's take a look at some of TENGA's "unusual sex toys" that are unusually striking.


TENGA 3D - The Unusual Sex Toy with Dimension

The TENGA 3D Series* not only feels great, but these "pleasure sculptures" can be inverted to display their internal designs, which are really the key to their stimulating sensations! 

The TENGA 3D is offered in five models, each unique in its own way:

Winding hexagonal plates combine the soft ribs of the walls with the varying sensations of its spiral form.

Elevated blocks rub along as receded blocks cling onto you for a cascading flurry of stimulation.

Fine ribs engraved around its walls delicately create an intertwining flow for you to enjoy a smooth stroking sensation.

Firm constriction and accentuated stimulus are hidden within the slippery glide of the smooth polygonal faces and firm edges.

Triangular protrusions packed tightly at the base and spaced out at the tip bring around a gradient of stimulation providing an escalating sensation of soft and hard pleasure.

The TENGA 3Ds are also manufactured from antibacterial material and come with a drying and storage stand for safe hygienic use.

*The TENGA 3D received the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2012

TENGA GEO - The Unusual Geometric Sex Toy

Round like the Earth, with intricate details based in geometry, the TENGA GEO* has drawn inspiration from mathematics and nature. "Geo", coming from the Greek word meaning "Earth", as in the word "geometry" meaning "to measure the Earth/land". These geometric shapes, when turned inside out, transform into densely-packed internal details. The GEO is made of a thick and soft material, so you can enjoy the sensations embedded in these intricate details. 

The GEO comes in three stimulating models:

Fluid ridges for direct, undulating pleasure.

Complex peaks for elegant, enveloping pleasure.

Angular prisms for dynamic, surging pleasure.

After use, simply revert the GEO to its original state to wash, and place on the included stand to air-dry.

*The TENGA GEO received the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2021

TENGA crysta - The Unusual Crystalline Sex Toy

At first glance, you might think these are crystal vases, but drop them on the floor and they won't shatter, they'll just bounce (No, don't do that)! The crysta Series features suspended floating shapes for gripping pleasure. With new innovations in manufacturing, TENGA has been able to encase floating parts of the crysta in soft elastomer to create an all-new experience. When you adjust your grip, the firm shapes embedded in this soft casing move and shift, for various gripping sensations. Experience functional form and futuristic design combined in the TENGA crysta. 

Choose from 3 unique designs:

Congruous floating leaves for pleasure in waves!

Dynamic floating balls for pleasure in motion!

Encompassing floating blocks for pleasure on impact!


The crysta is simple to wash, and includes a combination drying stand and storage case. Maybe the Louvre or New York's MoMA are not ready to display these works of art yet, but perhaps they'll make a nice decoration piece on your bookcase when not in use.


Photo courtesy of Anna Shvets via Pexels


We have only presented a small fraction of the TENGA collection that we feel deserves its time in the spotlight. There are so many others worth mentioning that we decided to bring more to you in Part 2 of TENGA’s Unusual Sex Toys in a following article coming soon. You’ve seen the artsy side of TENGA, now get wowed by the wild and fun side in Part 2. Stay tuned and stay focused on feeling good and doing good things! 

■About the Red Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Design Award is an international product design award presented by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. Each year an international jury of experts assesses thousands of entries from all over the world, awarding the Red Dot to products of high design in both form and function.

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