A History of TENGA Vibrators

While sex toys are often centered around self-pleasure and masturbation, they have always also had a role in enhancing couples’ sexual experiences as well. TENGA is globally well known mostly thanks to the TENGA ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP, however the CUPs don’t tell the whole story. The storied history of vibrators’ place in TENGA’s lineup shall be examined to give us a closer look into the world of TENGA vibrators.


The First TENGA Vibrators: VI-BO & Δ Delta

TENGA started their vibrating endeavors with the VI-BO, a fun and wacky introduction into the world of couples’ play. These colorful inventions were powered by their BASE ORB, a vibrating ball in the center of every VI-BO. These BASE ORBs are wrapped with differently shaped coverings for different kinds of fun.

The five VI-BO styles included the round, orange FINGER ORB, the similarly round, light-blue RING ORB, the pink, two-sided HAND ORB, the bendy, yellow, double-weighted TWIN ORB, and the purple, straight-shooter STICK ORB. 

This variation of shapes allowed for a myriad of styles of play, from wearing a VI-BO on your finger to spanning your hand. 

As you can imagine, there was a plethora of excitement to be had with all these shapes, sizes, and colors of VI-BO.

Alternatively, the TENGA Δ Delta was a much more simple approach to vibrating toys, with a straight shape and design that may seem familiar to vibrator buyers.

The standout feature of the Δ Delta was its rotating joint at the tip that provided two different angles in one toy.

While sleek, compact, and pleasurable, the Δ Delta’s design was only improved on in future products, including the new line of state of the art TENGA vibrators.

TENGA Vibrators for Couples: TENGA SVR

The VI-BO had versatility while the Delta Δ had sleek design. Now imagine if both of these aspects came together for the perfect couples item. Well, that’s exactly what happened.

The TENGA SVR, or Smart Vibe Ring, is still at the forefront of TENGA pleasure items, as its simple yet delicate design can be described as “just right” for any fan of ring toys.

With a durable yet stretchy ring, the SVR allows placement around fingers or the shaft, giving partners room to experiment, and a number of colors to choose from, CARMINE, BLACK, and WHITE. 

5 vibration strengths, 2 rhythm modes, and body-safe, easy-washable silicon is hard to surpass, but TENGA did just that with the even more powerful TENGA SVR+.

The TENGA SVR+ is all the beauty of the SVR but with 1.5x more power. For those looking for longer, stronger vibrations in their partnered play, the SVR+ is the way to go.

After the SVR won the Red Dot Design Award for Product Design in 2017 the team kept on innovating. The newest addition to the SVR series, the TENGA SVR one is all the fun of the SVR but at a more affordable rate. 

The SVR one sports an open C-shaped ring, making it easier to put on and take off and try something new when in the moment.

Vibrating TENGA Toys: FLIP ZERO EV & EVR

After breaking into the world of couples-play vibrators, TENGA decided to go back to their roots of solo-male-masturbators and added a vibration sensation to the reusable FLIP ZERO

The FLIP ZERO EV (or ELECTRONIC VIBRATION) added two Vibrating Cores to the already thrilling FLIP ZERO, creating 5 different modes of rumbling sensation that will satisfy any TENGA fan or newcomer. For stronger sensations, the FLIP ZERO EV BLACK brings just what any vibration veteran needs.

For those looking to surpass simple satisfaction and dive into a high-end product that takes vibration to another level, the FLIP ZERO EV’s follow-up, the FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION will take you there. The FLIP ZERO EVR spins, twists, and turns all while providing the rumble we know and love, creating the most powerful TENGA product yet invented. 


After a long path of experimenting with vibrators, there are now multiple TENGA items that have mastered the art of vibration sensation. The VI-BO and Delta Δ paved the way for our current TENGA vibrator lineup. The TENGA SVR, SVR+, and SVR one are simple and classy ways to elevate your couples’ play. The EV lineup is perfect for passionate solo vibration-lovers. For those looking for max sensations, the EVR will provide and deliver.

Although disposable CUPs and EGGs may have put TENGA on the map, TENGA’s creative usage of vibration has helped in keeping TENGA products at the forefront of sex toys.

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