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TENGA Puffy Series visual

Sink into Pleasure

The ultra-soft spongy material provides the ultimate luxurious pleasure, while a silky-smooth silicone cover provides irresistible, supple tactile sensations.
Experience super soft sensations like you've never felt before. 

TENGA PUFFY Sugar White Internal Details


video of a hand stroking with the TENGA Puffy and squeezing it
Experience the unprecedented seductive feel of the silky-smooth and super-soft material
Squeeze the soft case to control the pressure inside. The anti-dust protective coating has a supple, smooth texture, providing a pleasurable tactile feeling.

TENGA Puffy being washed
The waterproof structure allows the internal sponge to stay dry for repeated use
Remove the Top Cover to clean the product without water seeping into the internal structure and causing damage. When the Top Cover and Insertion Point Cap are removed, you can easily clean the inside of the product.
TENGA STORE USA: Everything You Need to Know About the TENGA Puffy
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Product Specifications

Size (D × W × H inches): 3.3 × 3.4 × 6.4

Insertion Length (inches): approx. 5.9

Insertion Width (inches): approx. 1.7

Weight (oz): approx. 12

Other Specs:

  • Reusable
  • Sample Lubricant Included

Materials: Elastomer, Silicone, PC, ABS, Urethane, POM

This product comes with:



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Shipping & Packaging

Orders from the USA TENGA Store will ship in a discreet brown box as shown above, with no TENGA branding or logo on the box itself. The return addressee on the packing slip will be shown as "TENGA USA INC."

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sugar White: sweet deal!

My favorite reusable I've purchased to far. I would recommend purchasing this over the Flex series, Puffy is a significant upgrade that exceeds the price difference. I was hesitant to purchase at first because the middle looked too soft to hold and saggy, however this is not true. The center grip area is the perfect balance between soft and firm and the outer texture polishes my score to a perfect 5.

If you are purchasing for at-home use, this is probably the best option available. I really hope Tenga pursues this path of design features, I'll be excited to try it!

+ Discreet, comforting visual design
+ End cap serves as a functional stand for drying
+ Exceptional dynamic pressure control
+ Pleasant tactile experience inside and out

- Cannot be used as a floatation device in an emergency

Almost perfect, still highly reccomend.

I only have two significant issues with this toy, but one of them is my own fault, so this product is almost perfect in my eyes.

The only real issue I have with this toy is that the top cover can be removed and put back on very easily, but the bottom cover (the one that covers the hole you actually "use") does not feel nearly as premium, as to remove it, you have to pull, while pinching or twisting, which does not feel nearly as elegant as the top cover. I understand that a locking mechanism like the top cover may not work for both ends of the device, but I would still like to see it, or something like it, on both ends. Maybe a magnetic solution could work..?

As for my other complaint, it's my own fault. I did choose this textured version over the other options, and while it still feels good, I wish I had chosen something more exotic. If you're reading this, I highly suggest looking at the other puffy models available, even though I have no experience with them. They seem like they would be much more interesting to use.

This is probably my new favorite Tenga product I own, and despite my two issues, I still am very happy with my purchase. I would rate it 4.5 stars if I could.

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