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FLEX Rocky Black


Size (D × W × H inches): 6.93 × 2.89 × 2.89

Insertion Length (inches): 6.10

Insertion Width (inches): 2.00

Weight (lbs): 0.68

Other Specs: Reusable, Sample Lotion Included

Materials: Elastomer, PP

WARNING: California's Proposition 65

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Too tight

I’m just shy of the insertion width for this and it’s too tight. Plenty of lube will get me in, but I’m pushing air into it at that point and it’ll just try like hell to come back off again due to the pressure.

Definitely not creating any suction.

I had the white Flex before and it was way better. If you’re 2” wide or close, maybe steer away from this one.


came in like 6 pumps. shits AMAZING
can't wait to use it again, but gotta get some more lotion. didn't think about ording extra w/my order

Solid choice and hassle free

This is actually my second flex black. My first one lasted years without wear and tear but use of other lubes and frequent cleaning made it lose some of its softness. The new one actually had so much resistance that it kept trying to push me out. I’d consider that a feature though. I’ll be trying to stick with the brand lube with this new one and see how it holds up. Otherwise cleaning is simple and the toy itself is as fun as ever

Pretty good, but small

I ordered a handful of products, and this was the only one that I could comfortably use. I struggled to get it past the tip at first, but luckily was able to with enough lube. If I stopped holding it it'd just slide right off though.

Man’s Best Friend……

Bought the white flex first thinking it was the best fit for me…the flex black is much better for more intense sensations & really appreciate the stud in the tip that stimulates the opening very sensually.
Tenga have accomplished a very satisfactory pleasurable device that is simple to use…easy to clean & aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Am very thankful to have found such a wonderful tool at a fantastic price.
Kudos to Tenga & their engineers & designers…great job guys!