How to Use TENGA with Your Partner

Good news and bad news: Sex with your partner will get worse. Not the traditional opening to a Valentine's Day article, but it’s unfortunately true. According to research, sexual satisfaction increases in the first year of a relationship, but is followed by a steady decrease in the following years. Good news: Don’t worry, this can be fixed. To keep the passion going you and your partner may need to add a little extra “spice” to your sex. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure how. We here at TENGA are here to help. To get you ready for Valentine’s Day, we put together the perfect guide on how to incorporate TENGA into your sex life.




Do you ever worry about going soft in the middle of sex? You’re not alone if you do. About 9 to 25% of people with a penis are affected by some sort of Sexual Performance Anxiety. This can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED) caused by psychological factors. We don’t need to tell you how that can kill the “mood”. Luckily, the TENGA SVR can offer some peace of mind thanks to the body-safe silicone ring that wraps around the shaft. All you need to do is stretch the ring and place it on your shaft. This restricts the blood flow to allow stronger and harder erections, allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment with your partner without pesky performance worries.  


TENGA SVR placement


Do you show the clitoris the love it deserves? It’s more important than you think: Most people with vaginas say that they either need or prefer clitoral stimulation in order to have a great orgasm. The TENGA SVR can help get the job done, with its five vibration strengths. Despite us going on about how important the clitoris is, let's not forget that there are other parts of the body worth considering. There are plenty of spots of the body that can get people sexually aroused when stimulated despite not being connected to the genitals. Up to 26% of the body’s surface even!  Now, here's where the brilliance of the TENGA SVR's compact size comes into play. Slip that ring around your fingers, and you've got the TENGA SVR ready to roll while you explore your partner's body, uncovering those oh-so-delightful "hot spots."

The same goes with those with a penis as well. Whether you are wearing the TENGA SVR or just holding it in your hand, you can press the device against different parts of the penis and the vibrations will do their job. Be careful though. The TENGA SVR’s vibrations might be enough to cause a powerful orgasm on its own. Be wary if you are looking to take things nice and slow.

During Sex

The TENGA SVR goes beyond foreplay. Depending on where you place the ring on the shaft, the SVR can provide constant stimulation to the clitoris during penetrative sex. Easily switch between the five vibration modes with a single button press to keep the experience dynamic. Adjust it on the go as needed, whether you or your partner takes charge.




The TENGA SPINNER Series is popular for a reason - it’s frequently among the ranks of the best-selling items. What that means is that the SPINNER can be a great option for adding a new spin to your sex life. 

You can receive hand stimulation like you’ve never felt before. With each stroke, the SPINNER twists, delivering incredibly satisfying sensations.  

For those generous enough to be on the giving end, the transparent material allows your partner to observe the coiling and movement of the elastomer, providing a unique and visually stimulating experience.

There are six different types of SPINNERS at the time of writing this blog. Each with its unique levels of firmness, stimulation, and diameter. It could also be fun to experiment with multiple different kinds to find your or your partner's favorite ones!

You can see the full SPINNER Series here.

iroha SAKURA

iroha sakura

Time to shift focus from the penis to the vagina. Treat your partner to soft, gentle pleasures with the iroha SAKURA. The soft silicone material not only provides a silk-like feel but also ensures a deeply satisfying experience, allowing your partner to indulge in heightened sensual pleasures.

The small indentation can be used to focus on clitoral stimulation during foreplay to get things started. Lightly pinch and tease with this indentation to provide soft sensual pleasures to your partner.  When it’s time for a little “extra”, use the three vibration strengths and two vibration patterns that are packed inside the iroha SAKURA. Turn up the vibrations as the passion increases and don’t forget to play around with the two vibration rhythms as well. 

Treat your partner to a luxurious sexual experience by adding the iroha SAKURA to your partnered play. You can find out more about the iroha SAKURA here. 


Sustaining a satisfying sex life over time doesn’t have to be hard. All it takes is adding the right tools to the tool kit every once in a while. Now you know how to add TENGA to your partnered play and really elevate your sex life. Click the buttons below to learn more about some of the items we mentioned here! 

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