How Do I Use the TENGA FLIP 0 EV?

The TENGA FLIP 0 EV is the 2nd generation of the popular TENGA FLIP 0 series.  Introducing a rumbling vibration feature built within the elastomer that allows you to experience even more pleasurable sensations. Below, we will take a look at how to use and clean your sex toy properly.



The TENGA FLIP 0 EV is the next step in the TENGA FLIP 0 evolution. 

The FLIP 0 EV takes what was great about the original TENGA FLIP 0 and goes beyond with its two “Vibrating Cores”. These cores are built directly into the elastomer sleeve, providing five different vibration modes.

Like the previous generation, The FLIP 0 EV  is available in both White and Black versions with the FLIP ZERO EV BLACK  providing stronger sensations due to being made with firmer materials and with bolder details on the inside. 

TENGA has also made the FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION (EVR) which offers a spiraling sensation that can be used with all products in the FLIP 0 series!

How to Use the FLIP 0 EV

Like the rest of the TENGA FLIP 0 series, the FLIP 0 EV is both easy to use and easy to clean. Despite its new electronic parts, The FLIP 0 EV is waterproof (up to 20 inches) so you can clean your toy without worrying about damage. 

Here is how it all works:


  1. Remove the outer clear case by slightly twisting and lifting.
  2. Remove slide arms from the FLIP 0 EV
  3. Squeeze the rails lightly to open the FLIP 0 EV
  4. Make sure to lubricate the inside and the insertion point then close up again
  5. Slide the slide arms back on
  6. Insert
  7. Press and hold the button on the top of the slide arms to turn on the FLIP 0 EV
  8. Quickly press the same button to cycle through vibration modes


With the TENGA FLIP 0 EV, you have two options for how to dry your toy. First being:

  1. Remove the Slide Arms and flip the item open.
  2. Wash under running cold/lukewarm water and mild/neutral soap.
  3. Place side arms on the charging base.
  4. Place the item on the Slide Arms to air dry. (see image above)
  5. Once completely dry, close the product and replace Slide Arms.
  6. Place clear cover for storage

Alternatively, you can dry your FLIP 0 EV by laying the side arms down and then placing the opened FLIP 0 EV and place on the side arms V-slots so it looks like the image above. 


  • While the FLIP 0 EV itself is waterproof, the charging case is not. So please do not try to clean the charging base with water. Just wipe the charging base with a damp cloth. 
  • Also do not leave the FLIP 0 EV submerged in water for a long period of time, despite its waterproof function.
  • Do not wash with hot water.
  • Make sure all connection points are dry before charging the product.

The TENGA FLIP 0 EV Variations

While we covered some of the variations of the FLIP 0 series in the past, there have been some new innovations that have been added to the series since then. As mentioned before, there is a TENGA FLIP 0 EV BLACK. It comes with the same vibration feature as the original EV but is made with firmer materials in order to give a tighter squeeze and stronger sensations. 

While no longer on sale, There was a limited edition TENGA FLIP 0 SOFT EDITION. This model was meant for users who preferred a gentler feeling and wanted something softer than the standard EV. It also came with a softer elastomer than the standard and black EV.  That being said, The SOFT EDITION still provided strong vibrations just like the other models. 

Finally, there is the TENGA FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION. This device is the next step forward in the FLIP 0 Series


Go beyond the boundaries of pleasure. The FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION allows users to not only experience vibrational pleasures but also a spiraling sensation with its internal gyroscopic sensor. This allows different rotational directions and speeds based on the angle that you hold the device at. Once you find one you like, you can lock it in so the speed does not change with further movement. If you don’t want to manually set rotations there are four different rotational patterns you can experiment with as well. 

Like the FLIP ZERO EV that came before it, the EVR comes with powerful vibrations with its dual internal motors. These provide stimulating tremors at both the tip and center that will create an intense vibrating pleasure. These vibrations come in Low and High settings along with three unique vibration patterns. 

 This device is also compatible with the other items in the FLIP 0 series, Including the FLIP 0 EV! However, non-EV devices can only use the rotating feature whereas the EVs can use both rotations and vibrations!


Hopefully, this guide helps you to understand how to use and clean the TENGA FLIP 0 EV, so that you can enjoy your new TENGA sex toy to the fullest. If you are new to sex toys, Then the original white FLIP 0 EV is a good start. Why not experiment with the vibration levels, try them all out and you’re sure to find the perfect vibration experience for you.

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