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Flip Open New Heights of Pleasure

Maintaining all the great features of a reusable male pleasure item, the epitome of TENGA's research gave life to the FLIP-Style. Experience structure and detailing unimaginable with technology from the past, with unique functions such as the Vacuum Pump and One Hand Control Pad, that this world-first in sensations has created. With the addition of two brand new styles of FLIP HOLE, TENGA's pioneering FLIP-Style technology continues to revolutionize self-pleasure for men everywhere.

FLIP HOLE Inner Details

FLIP HOLE Internal Structure

A Blanket of Bliss
Blanket yourself in the gentle bliss of these delicate details!

FLIP HOLE Series Features

Intricate Details for Fully Immersive Stimulation
Our ultimate soft elastomer material envelops you as you insert.
FLIP HOLE Pressure Pads

The FLIP HOLE has an internal silver plate called a “Floating Pad.
The Floating Pad inside the FLIP HOLE is suspended in the soft elastomer material.
Control the area and strength of stimulation by applying pressure to the Floating Pad.

The Upper Pad Conveys pleasurable stimulation to the tip of the device.
The Center Pad squeezes out trapped air for increased vacuum pressure.
The Bottom Pad delivers an added squeeze at the insertion point.

FLIP HOLE Drying Mechanism

The slide arms act as a stand for simple, hygienic air-drying.
Beyond serving as a hygienic storage solution and a way to ensure a secure fit to prevent lubricant leakage, the slide arms can also be used as a stand to air-dry your FLIP HOLE after use.

Product Specifications

Size (D × W × H inches): 2.68 × 3.35 × 6.89

Insertion Length (inches): 5.90

Insertion Width (inches): 1.77

Weight (lbs): 1.65

Other Specs:

  • Reusable
  • Sample Lubricant Included

Case & Slide Cap: PC
Internal Sleeve: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

This product comes with:



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WARNING: California's Proposition 65


Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
This is BY FAR my favorite

I've tried the Flip Hole White, Red (discontinued), Black, and White Zero. This one is BY FAR my favorite. I used the Red and Black once and then never again. The White Zero I've used a few times, but it mostly just sits in a drawer. But this one, this one is glorious. I'm on my fourth one (and these have so far lasted me a lot more than the 50 wanks they say they will). It's really not all that special. There aren't any special features that you can really feel, but that's okay. It's just plain satisfying. The orgasms are very refreshing. If Tenga ever discontinues this version I will legitimately be upset.

wish I got the orb again

bought this to replace my orb black that started tearing after about 5 months. the orb was 2 or 3x better than this. this one is signifigantly lager (to handle) the buttons are not much of a button and not the greatest to hold with. the suction is meh. had a fair amount of leakage (compared to the orb pre tear) the outter rubber feels so weird while trying to hold it. feels like the outter part is going to tear easily. the holder is annoying and already damaged (dug into) some of the outter entrance part (but not to where it effects performance) a bit heavier. I missed the new flip gravity by like a week. wish i ordered that instead. its not bad just no where near as good as an experience as the flip orb black. flip orb black felt like a top knotch bj this i dunno gets the job done better than a handy but I know what I'm missing and the extra weight and size is distracting and not as much control

Hi there. We are sorry to hear there has been a problem with your FLIP Hole! If you believe you received a defective item, please contact us here:

It's okay I guess

Just doesn't work for me but to be fair I have neurological issues from my back and spent almost a hundred dollars to find out it doesn't help. It's really easy to clean but trying to get it balanced on stand to dry is a pain. Heard the 200
dollar one that vibrates in good for people suffering from nerve damage but just can't justify spending that much money on something that might not even help.

Amazing feeling, easy to clean. Better than expected!

In 31 years, I have never used anything other than a real vagina or my hand to get the job done. But since a few years of marriage, for reasons that you other guys may understand, I end up having to take care of myself more often than initially expected 😆
Holy cow I wish I would've known about this thing years ago. It feels amazing.
Feel: 10 (life-like)
Construction: 8 (might have a few flemsy spots)
Clean-up: 10 (extremely easy and dries quickly)
Size: will vary, I'm exactly 7.75" long and 1.95 inches thick, honestly I feel like I could probably break this thing and it may not last the full described 50 uses. When I attempted to fit my entire penis in it, I noticed the gelatinous material bubbling over and out of the sides and front of the device. So that problem may come up if you're longer than 7" or wider than like 2". But it was still a very enjoyable experience and I'm extremely happy with this thing.

It’s crowded in there

This design is strong on contact- a wonderful feeling. Not a good choice if you’re having trouble staying hard, though. The pads are still effective, but it’s a sleeve with less working volume. I’m short but thick, and the Flip Hole red is a perfect match- the white is nice for a change.

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