Why You Should Check Out The TENGA Vacuum Gyro Roller (VGR)

Want to spice up your self-pleasure routine with something high-tech and innovative? With so many options on the market, it can be a bit too much with all the products that are coming out these days. However, there is one product you should check out that will allow you to continue to use the products you already love while providing a brand-new experience, it is the TENGA VACUUM GYRO ROLLER. The TENGA VACUUM GYRO ROLLER is an attachment for our specially designed ROLLING TENGA CUP and our classic TENGA Original CUPs, where one can experience a stronger vacuum suction alongside spinning sensations.

Keep on reading to find out more about the TENGA VACUUM GYRO ROLLER and why you should definitely check it out!





VGRThe TENGA VACUUM GYRO ROLLER, also known as the VGR, is an attachment for the TENGA CUPs that features an automatic vacuum pump for the ultimate suction and a gyroscropic-sensor-control that creates rolling sensations. To get the ultimate pleasure, we have developed 3 ROLLING TENGA CUPs; Regular, Strong, and Gentle, which can allow you to experience the incredible combination of vacuum suction and rotation. In addition, you can also use the TENGA VGR with other types of TENGA CUPs.


There are quite a few amazing features of the VGR, including:

  • It is rechargeable - no need to buy batteries
  • Versatile - you can use different kinds of TENGA CUPs to experience different sensations
  • Has multiple levels of strengths and patterns for both the rolling and vacuum functions
  • Features all-new Auto Mode with 4 different suction patterns
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Contains a gyroscopic-sensor that changes the rotation speed and direction depending on the angle of the tilt

With these extraordinary features that provide exceptional pleasure, it’s no wonder that the TENGA VACUUM GYRO ROLLER is a good choice for those that already love our TENGA CUPs!

A Quick History of TENGA CUP Accessories

In 2015, we released the TENGA VACUUM CONTROLLER which provides electronic suction for the TENGA Original Vacuum CUPs. Then in 2018, in Asia only, we introduced an attachment that produces rolling sensations with the TENGA Gyro Roller. Both of these devices are currently not available globally.

Luckily, due to popular demand and feedback, we decided to combine both of these sensations into one product with the VACUUM GYRO ROLLER (VGR)! You get the best of both accessories, with even smarter technology and better usability. The VGR is currently released worldwide, where fans from all over the world can enjoy the ultimate pleasure of strong suction and rolling sensations.


The TENGA Optional Items

There are a variety of different TENGA optional items that can be used with our already existing TENGA products similar to the TENGA VGR.

The TENGA VGR is priced at $350 with 1 ROLLING TENGA CUP included, providing you with the perfect set for you to try out this high-tech attachment. In addition, we currently have a limited, special bundle that allows you to purchase all 3 strengths of the ROLLING TENGA CUP (Regular, Strong, & Gentle) and the VGR for $350. The ROLLING TENGA CUP each cost $13. On top of that, you can use the VGR with the TENGA ORIGINAL CUP too, and other variations of the TENGA ORIGINAL CUP.

Another TENGA Optional Item is the TENGA FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION (EVR). An attachment for the FLIP ZERO EV that produces both vibration and rotation for the users. It is the next step for all those users that love a ground-breaking experience. The EVR is priced at $390 with its own new exclusive FLIP ZERO EV.



Depending on the type of TENGA items you already own or love, the TENGA Optional Items are definitely something you should check out. If you are interested in learning more about the TENGA FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION (EVR), here is a dedicated blog about why you should check out the EVR.


The TENGA VGR is definitely something that a TENGA Original CUP lover should check out. It perfectly merges high-tech form with functionality, allowing the users to experience more from our already popular TENGA CUPs. Hopefully, now you know more about the TENGA VACUUM GYRO ROLLER and possibly consider it as a gift for yourself or your friend.

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