How to use the TENGA Vacuum Controller

Announced to the world in 2015, the TENGA Vacuum Controller is the first battery-powered optional item. It has been designed to be used together with other TENGA items to increase their vacuum suction, and not as a stand alone product.

This battery-powered product has different adapters to fit different sizes of TENGA products, with easy to use controls. Amazing sensations are to be had by combining the stimulation of TENGA with the power of a pump.


Introduction to the TENGA Vacuum Controller

The TENGA Vacuum Controller easily attaches to the top of Original Vacuum CUPs (and the U.S. version) to create a powerful vacuum at the touch of a button.
4 AAA batteries power the item, which has 2 buttons used to control it. One button to turn the suction ON and OFF, and a release button to lessen the suction or help with easy removal.
The two size adapters that come with it allow standard and Ultra Size items. We will have a look at all the compatible products a little later on.

For now, let’s see how it all works.


How to use the TENGA Vacuum Controller

Suction power without the hassle.

The Parts

The TENGA Vacuum Controller comes in 2 parts, the vacuum Controller itself with the motor and batteries, and the interchangeable adapters depending on the size of the item used with it.
The Regular Adapter is used for all Standard CUP varieties, while the U.S. Adapter fits on the Ultra Size (U.S.) CUP.

The Buttons

This product has been designed to make usage simple. The round Vacuum Button is used to turn the suction ON and OFF with a single press, while the Release Button lower down releases the pressure in the item. This can be used to adjust the strength of suction, or to allow the item to be easily removed after use.

Maintaining the Vacuum Controller

When the suction power gets weak, simply change the 4 AAA batteries in the top section of the Vacuum Controller.

The adapters are safe to wash, but the top section with the electronics is not. Please only wipe that section with a damp cloth if needed.

You can read the FAQ here.

TENGA Vacuum Controller Compatible Items

This product has been designed to be used together with the different variations of the Original Vacuum CUP.

Look out for the ‘Vacuum Controller Compatible’ sticker on top of the CUPs, to see if they can be used.

The compatible CUPs using the standard adapter include the classic Original Vacuum CUP, including Strong, Gentle, and Extra Strong and Gentle versions, as well as its different outer design variations and collaborations such as the Keith Haring × Original Vacuum CUP and the limited Summer Original Vacuum CUP Cool Edition.

Plus, the entire Premium TENGA CUP Series is also compatible!

For the U.S. Original Vacuum CUP the U.S. adapter must be used due to the larger size.

TENGA Vacuum Controller Summary

The CUP series provides amazing vacuum sensations by covering the air hole on top, but now it is possible to create even stronger suction with the push of a button. Intensify the Original Vacuum CUP experience with the TENGA Vacuum Controller.

Which CUP will you try it with first?

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