How To Choose From The TENGA FLEX Series

For many people that are looking for a new masturbator, there are many factors to be considered. Factors include the design of the product, the type of pleasure it provides, and last but not least, if it is a disposable or reusable product. The TENGA FLEX Series has an aesthetically pleasing design, spiraling sensations, and is reusable. There is a lot of interest in the TENGA FLEX series. In addition, we recently added 2 new variations to the TENGA FLEX series. So in this blog, we would like to help you find the TENGA FLEX that will meet your needs and wants.



A Brief Intro To The TENGA FLEX

All 4 TENGA FLEX VariationsThe TENGA FLEX was released back in 2016 as a reusable masturbator with a soft outer casing. The case is specially designed with a malleable material that can create a unique twisting sensation. The TENGA FLEX series is also one of the most discreet in terms of design. When not in use, it looks like a beautiful abstract decoration.

They’re great options for those of you looking for more discreet items. Or they make perfect gifts as they can be elegantly displayed. Currently, we offer four different variations and colors of the TENGA FLEX. Keep on reading to find out more about the TENGA FLEX and how to choose one for yourself or others.

What is Innovational About The TENGA FLEX?

Moving the TENGA FLEX SILKY WHITEOne thing that often catches the user's attention is the sleek spiral design of the TENGA FLEX. This spiral casing is not just for the visual aspect, it also plays an important role in creating the spiraling sensation. The hole at the top of the soft and malleable casing helps create a strong vacuum sensation when covered.

Another very important aspect of the spiral casing with its flexible material is that when the FLEX moves up and down, the spiral casing will tighten and loosen creating a dynamic spiraling sensation. You can easily manipulate the device to your liking to create the ultimate sensation, by twisting and squeezing it.

Last but not the least, the malleable material allows the cap to be inverted into a stand for hygienic drying.

What are the Differences Between the TENGA FLEXs?

As mentioned briefly, the TENGA FLEX series currently contains 4 variations, SILKY WHITE, ROCKY BLACK, BUBBLY BLUE, and FIZZY GREEN. With BUBBLY BLUE and FIZZY GREEN being the newest addition to the series. So what is the difference between these 4 FLEX? Keep on reading to find out! 


TENGA FLEX SILKY WHITE - Gentle spiral ribs accompanied by delightful suction.
The internal details are smoother with a softer elastomer sleeve. For those looking for something on the gentler side, or not sure where to begin.


TENGA FLEX ROCKY BLACK - Strong spiral ribs that stimulate with dynamic suction.
With internal details that are more intricate and a tougher elastomer sleeve. Great for those that are looking for stronger sensations.


TENGA FLEX BUBBLY BLUE - Dynamic internal details that envelop with spiraling stimulation.
Designed with the twisting motions in mind, where the details are placed and positioned to amplify the spiral sensations.


TENGA FLEX FIZZY GREEN - Countless fine nubs thrill with packed swirling sensations.
The new design allows the users to experience incredible sensations throughout.



Still Can’t Choose? Here are Our Suggestions.

Still not sure which one to choose? Here are our suggestions, if you are not sure, go with the classic TENGA FLEX SILKY WHITE. It is a great beginner choice and from there, you can move to the stronger sensation like the ROCKY BLACK, or the recent models, BUBBLY BLUE and FIZZY GREEN for stronger suction. Or if you want something unique and cool looking, you can’t go wrong with our two new additions and their fun colors.

Please keep in mind these are only our recommendations, follow your feeling and you sure will find something that is amazing. If you need a guide on how to use your TENGA FLEX then check out our helpful guide here. Most importantly of all though, be sure to just enjoy your TENGA FLEX!

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