Why You Sweat When You Masturbate

Have you ever been concerned about how your body feels during a self-pleasure session? When your body does things you do not understand, it can be quite alarming, especially if it is during a vulnerable time such as during masturbation. Especially with the narrative of masturbation being something not so positive, it is easy to become conscious of what might happen to our bodies during masturbation and wonder if certain symptoms are natural, such as sweating during masturbation. This is why, in this blog, we are going to take a closer look at the connection between masturbation and sweat, such as the possible causes of perspiration during masturbation.



Your Body Temperature Increases When Masturbating

A person's back with sweat

Did you know that when you masturbate your body temperature increases? According to an experiment by the University of St Andrews in Scotland, a person’s body temperature increases as they become sexually aroused and excited. As you get aroused, your blood pressure increases, leading to your body temperature increasing too. With the increased body temperature and blood circulation, your body naturally reacts by sweating.

When masturbating, a mixture of feel-good chemicals/hormones is released. Within the mixture, there are endorphins which can act as natural pain relief and create a sense of euphoria for the person, adrenaline which can cause an increase in heart rate, and last but not least, dopamine (also known as the “feel-good” hormone) which is often associated with pleasure. These chemicals can cause your heart rate and pulse to speed up, and therefore cause your blood pressure to rise. As mentioned previously, the increase in blood pressure can lead to an increase in body temperature and then cause you to sweat when masturbating.

Masturbation Is Similar to Exercising

A person working out

Masturbation is somewhat similar to exercising. As you masturbate, you are performing repetitive movements and increasing your blood circulation, similar to exercise. The movements and the blood pumping can cause you to sweat just like any other workout. However, unlike exercising, you are only moving a small range of body parts and the intensity of masturbation is very different from exercising. So while you might sweat like you are exercising and have benefits like relieving stress, improving sleep quality, and so on that are attached to exercising, the intensity is very different.

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Sweating During Masturbation is Natural

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It is perfectly normal to sweat during and even after masturbation. As part of our body’s natural mechanism, we sweat when the temperature of our body rises. The process of sweating allows our body to cool off and maintain an optimal body temperature.

Depending on how you are masturbating, for example under your bed sheets, it makes sense that you sweat. Not only are you moving around, but being under bed sheets can get very hot and it’s natural to sweat when you are in a hot environment.



    You sweat during masturbation because of the rise of body temperature caused by various things. Your body temperature can increase from the hormones released when you are sexually aroused and excited, from the better blood circulation that happens from the exercise from masturbating, or simply because of the increase in external temperature. To combat all these things that are causing you to heat up, your body reacts by sweating to cool down. If you are worried about sweating during masturbation, don’t worry, it is perfectly normal and natural.

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